Guardian at Pevensey Castle


  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Size: 30″ x 39″ (76 x 99 cm)
  • Date: 18 June, 2013
  • Frame: no
  • Shipping container: box



One of my Art History paintings. In these I insert a remembered image from my art history lectures as a student at Art School into an observed landscape. I like to have a little fun with the image by putting it outside the frame which surrounds the painting.

In this case the landscape is a view of a castle ruin: Pevensey Castle in East Sussex. Here you see a small portion of the moat that surrounded the castle and the ruin of the tower that overlooked the fortified entrance. The remembered art history image, standing outside the painted frame, is of Michelangelo’s well known sculpture of David. He is the guardian.

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