The work in this gallery is almost entirely on paper. Drawing is self-explanatory. But something needs to be said about prints. These prints are not reproductions but are all made by me individually and personally. Each print is signed, titled and numbered if it is part of an edition, or just signed and titled if it is a monoprint. The advent of Giclee prints, which are in truth merely reproductions that could be made in millions, but printed in good inks on good paper, has made the word print confusing for some buyers. Many galleries will not even tell you that the print is a Giclee. They will tell you that the artist signed them and that they are limited. Each of my prints is an original. It has not, and has never, existed as anything other than a print. The processes used to make the prints are all by hand and printed (pulled) on a hand operated press. Each time a print is pulled, the plate, from which the image is printed, has to be re-inked by hand and passed through the press again. This means that the editions are small. If you wish to see how a print is made go into the website biography and find the short video of me pulling a mezzotint, entitled Jam Session.

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