I have enjoyed drawing and painting horses since I was a child. I remember, before I started school, asking my father, who had come home on leave from his service in the army towards the end of the Second World War, how to draw a horse. He drew a horses head and I copied it over and over again for days. I was determined to get it right. Ever since then horses have held a special place for me in my image making. When I returned to England, after 20 years in Canada with my wife and children, we settled on Cambridge as a good place to live because of the excellent schools for the children. I was delighted to learn that we were only 12 miles from Newmarket, the horse racing capital of the United Kingdom. Driving there one morning we came upon a string of the beautiful beasts returning to their stables. I was smitten, and from that time I drew and painted them as often as I could. There are only a few of them in this gallery. Most were sold or given to the owners, trainers and jockeys of Newmarket.

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