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At my open studio there’s a chance for you to see, before it’s exhibited, the newest work that I’ve completed.

You can also view the stages of this painting coming into being if you click ‘read more’

Manet's Fifer at Pevensey Castle | Oil on Linen | 22" x 30" (56 x 76 cm)

Manet’s Fifer at Pevensey Castle | Oil on Linen | 22″ x 30″ (56 x 76 cm)

Manet’s Fifer at Pevensey Castle

Come along to the studio to have a chat about what I do and why. Spend worthwhile time looking at some of the best paintings and prints being made in London. You might even decide to join the growing number of fortunate people who have become proud owners of my work.

Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st September

from 12 noon to 6pm.

The open studio is in association with the Merton Arts Trail: Once you are on the website click on the catalogue link and that will take you to the map which should help you find my studio. I’m listed as artist number 84 in the catalogue. My studio address is listed in the catalogue so that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding me but, in case you do then phone me 07752 368906

I very much look forward to seeing you.

Watch below to see how the painting progresses!

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Manet's Fifer at Pevensey Castle | Oil on Linen | 22" x 30" (56 x 76 cm)

Manet’s Fifer at Pevensey Castle | Oil on Linen | 22″ x 30″ (56 x 76 cm)

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  • Allan Laakkonen

    Hello Andrew: I enjoyed reading your comments. Congratulations on your website! My best to Paula. Allan

    • Andrew

      Lovely to hear from you in the frozen north Allan. Hope all is well with you and the family.
      Best, Andrew

  • runayker

    Andrew. Great guns.
    And the blog is excellent. So much better than Facebook!
    All your techy stuff works well.
    Best of luck for the Open Studios.
    I can let you have two weeks in 2015
    as discussed. June is looking good.
    If you are still interested and have space let me know.
    All best. Irene

    • Andrew

      Hi Irene, I’ll get back to you about June next year but can’t commit yet because I have a residency coming up in Sydney at around that time and need to confirm dates. Regarding the Tecky stuff for your website you should contact Iain at Nyrek. I gave you his details before. He’s terrific and will really help you.
      Best, Andrew

  • Stan

    Hi Andrew. I was fascinated by the painting’s progress; wonderful technology (I don’t pretend to understand it). From your reply to Irene (above) I gather you’re coming down-under mid-2015. Let me know once you have definite dates as I really would love to see you, and if you can’t get down to Melbourne I’ll try to come up to Sydney. Love to you and Paula and the rest of the family from Fran and me.

    • Andrew

      Hello Stanley Dear,
      The technology is good isn’t it. The guy who does it could do something for your website too. Why don’t you contact him?
      We will let you know when we’re going to be in Sydney and it would be great to see you. I don’t think I’ll have the time to get down to Melbourne because the residency is going to take up most of my time. Hope you can get up to Sydney.
      Take care, Love, Andrew

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