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The saga continues

Friday I met my oncologist. A charming and beautiful young Polish lady, who really knows her stuff. She examined my belly and said that it was perfect. Something that I already knew. Thanks Alex. To be brief: I will be on chemo for six months. Two weeks on and one week off. There will be side effects but with any luck I’ll be able to work through them. It means, of course, that we won’t be going to Australia for Christmas because I’ll still be on the chemo and no long distance travel, especially with the recycled air on a plane.

All that aside, my main interest right now is the September show. Just so that you can put it in your diary ahead of time, the essential info is as follows:

Wed September 23 _ Sun September 27 

Norman Plastow Gallery, Lingfield Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 4QD.

The work is at the framers and all I have to do is hang it and provide myself with suitable protection (operating theatre mask) so that I won’t catch anything while I’m on the chemo and entertaining visitors. I’ll give you the times the show will be open in my next blog and on my website.

I’m including the image of a lovely actress, Valerie Cutko, I painted just a few years ago, for no reason other than I like the painting and want to show it to you. It won’t be in the September exhibition.

If I’m still up and running in January, I’ll be showing at least one piece in a group show at the Chelsea Arts Club. Then it’s off to Australia to talk to the people in Sydney about the big show in August 2016. It all rolls around faster than ever. I must bring my CV up to date on my website.



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  • Blair Drawson

    Andrew! It’s great news of your progress, and we are all glad to hear of it. Best of luck with the show.
    May it be a blockbuster. And please keep us informed. Also love to Paula.

    Blair & Cathy

  • Eva

    Thank you for showing this beautiful painting.
    Good luck with the chemo, and wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

  • Fiona Green

    Dear Andrew
    It is important that you take remedy for the side effects of the chemo – I went to
    a wonderful herbalist who taught at London Uni whose name is Chris Hedley. He now practises privately in Chalk Farm.
    If I had not had his help I would never have got through my cancer treatment. He can be contacted on 0207 722 6261 @ 82a
    Gloucester Avenue; NW1 & he is not expensive. I urge you to go. Good Luck.
    Fiona (one day we will celebrate your return to good health at Chelsea Arts)

  • sheldon

    You are in our thoughts.
    See you soon….

  • Kitty Shepherd

    A good oncologist is worth her weight in gold. I hope the Chemo is not too awful, you have to take it and then it will all be gone. Sounds like you are good at fixing on exhibitions as a target which helps as does the ability to immerse into work. Keep the news letters coming! Kitty

  • Frank Harris

    So sad to hear this. However, sure after treatment you will return a stronger man with many more years to come. Love to both of you, Frank & Jill x

  • Laurie

    All the best Andrew, sending lots of positive love, look forward to catching up soon.

    Laurie & Patricia

  • irene

    hello Andrew
    glad to hear your cheery self . I always loved the portrait of lady with the hat. uplifting.
    congrats on continuing September show.
    all the best my friend

  • Orna

    Good luck, Andrew. Will be thinking of you. Of course you’ll be up and running (?!) in January. x

  • Lorna and Joey

    Dear Andrew,
    Love this painting. Could you also please include some “chubby women” in your collections just so that I can identify more to them.
    Sending you and Paula all our love and hugs. We’re always here for you.
    Your “sister and brother” .

  • Pat and Tony

    Best of luck Andrew with the chemo. Keep well and love to both you and Paula.
    Pat and Tony

  • Vincent

    Great to have your news, Andrew, and I hope the treatment is continuing to go well as expected. 🙂 Catch up with you in September if not before. All good wishes, Vincent

  • Laurette Hilton

    Good to hear your news, Andrew!
    Do take it easy while chemo and nature look after you.
    I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you too.
    Lots of love to you and Paula,


  • Angela & Art

    How is the CHEMO going are there side effects yet?: Mine are effecting my BRAIN makes it fuzzy.

    Good luck with the show.

    Love to PAULA

    Art & Angela

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