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The staples are out so now I can shower properly. Immediately Marion, my key worker, removed them, I started thinking about the next lot of paintings I have to do.

Also strange dreams of buying a boat and sailing people round the harbour. It sank in the dream last night.

The big problem for me has been perpetual hiccups for the past 6 days. None of the old fashioned remedies work. Fortunately Mr Chung, Alex, my terrific surgeon, has given me something to help. He also told me that the tumour was the size of a small grapefruit. Should I be proud?

But to the work:

It must be about this experience. I don’t know exactly how to approach it yet but it will be about the people and the hospital, if they will allow me to spend time with them at St Georges while I’m recovering and on chemo.

Some years ago I made a series of paintings that were about the work environment. Ordinary jobs like hairdressing and restaurant work being done by ordinary people. Following the tradition of Vermeer. Here’s an example.


The also serve for new website

I see these new pieces as being about extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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  • Anne Clark

    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you for keeping your friends and admirers in the loop.

  • Anne Clark

    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery

  • Allan Laakkonen

    Good to read that your recovery is moving along and that you will back to your customary lifestyle. You will have to be the patient patient for a bit and then back to your normal routines. Long sun filled days continue here as we move through July. Take care, Allan.

  • Naomi & George

    Dear Andrew, So glad you are progressing well!! Regarding the new series of paintings: a big consideration is whether you want to sell them!!
    Naomi x

    • Andrew

      These would be a gift to the hospital

  • Laurie

    Great to hear you are on the mend Andrew, & getting excited about your next paintings. No doubt you will have people giving you a million hickup cures now so hears one I have, it’s the only one that I have found to work although a little difficult to explain without showing you, or perhaps it’s one you have tried already & didn’t work on you? So hear goes & try not to laugh as you read this. Cover each nostril with both thumbs & put your second finger on each hand in each ear & seal tightly, then have someone else pour some water gently into your mouth & swallow just a few sips, that usually does it, I have always found this to work ever since someone rescued me with hickups whilst trying to play a show!! Let me know how you get on & if it doesn’t work you may have had a good chuckle & possibly spilt water down your shirt!
    Lots of love
    Laurie & Patricia
    P.S. Forget the boat idea, they cost a fortune!!

    • Andrew

      You will have to do an actual video of your technique and post it on my blog. I have no idea where the boat thing came from. Quite strange. It may have been due to some of the residue dio morphine in my system.

  • Laurie

    Sorry I mean Hiccups not Hickups, oh dear.

  • William

    Hi Andrew, so please you op went well. Also good to know your making plans for future paintings.
    My best wishes to you and Paula

  • Andrew Stone

    This is the first time I am leaving a response. I am pleased that the surgery went well and I hope your post operative recuperation goes well. I think that any work you do reflecting you experiences would be a wonderful reflection of not only your amazing talent but a fantastic study of the incredible work the hospital staff do; including the unsung heroes who support the surgeons , doctors and nurses.
    Go from strength to strength Andrew and love to Paula.

    • Andrew

      Thank you Andrew

  • Mary McLeod

    Hi Andrew

    I’m so pleased everything went well. I hope you make a speedy recovery. We look forward to you visiting us at Richard Atkins again.
    By the way, if you would like to borrow a sailing boat I could arrange it, but you have to promise to keep it afloat!
    Best wishes,


    • Andrew

      I have never wanted to sail in my life. This was more of a barge than a sailing boat. I didn’t sail it. I just took the money from the tourists.

  • Clare Perryman (Hobbs)

    Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery, and hope you find the energy for your many ideas. I finally caught up with your blog sitting bleary eyed with a coffee waiting for my bus to work. Give my love to Paula too.

    • Andrew

      How lovely to hear from you Clare. I hope life is good for you and the rest of the Hobbses.

  • Trisha McCrae

    Great news Andrew! Good bye to the grapefruit and hello to extraordinary paintings.
    Bien a toi,

  • Claire MacGregor

    Dear Andrew, Very good to hear from you, hiccups, staples and all – as the old doctor said to me a long time ago, “You’ve swallowed the cow – you won’t stick on the tail.” Painting your experiences in hospital is a fabulous idea. There’s an astonishing series of paintings by Bellany, a Scots artist from the East Lothian fishing fraternity, recording his recovery in hospital from a liver transplant – the first is a self portrait. I’ll just check that I’ve got his name right.

    Much love to you both – Claire

  • Jackie Rogger

    Dear Andrew,
    Delighted to hear that you are now well on the road to recovery & the op a thing of the past.
    We have been so concerned but didn’t want to bother Paula by phoning.
    Speedy healing & am sure that the paintings will be full of feeling & inspiration from your very own experiences.
    Much love and speedy healing.
    Jackie & Johnnie

  • Sheldon

    Great news. We have suffered a blackout, but will soon be communicating again.

  • Nigel

    Good news Andrew, though not for the grapefruit I guess. Is it on the mantelpiece I wonder? Will it find its way into your work?

  • Pat and Tony

    Hi Andrew. So pleased to hear that you are recovering well. Hopefully you will soon be also free from the chemo – I know Tony found it pretty awful at times but he is all finished now and PG will continue to get back to normal. The boat dream sounds a bit weird –
    if you didn’t pilot it maybe the money you were taking from tourists was for the sale of loads of paintings!!!

    Take care and continue to a 100% recovery. Loads of love to Paula and you.

    Keep well and hopefully we will see you someday in the not too distant future. Best wishes Pat and Tony Winter

  • Margaret Morris

    We have just returned from a lovely week in cornwall to read your update. Jack and I are delighted you are now home and making a good recovery and hope you get to grips with the hiccups!!

  • Sandy Segal

    So glad to hear that you are on the mend, Andrew, and we hope that the chemo isn’t too arduous. I loved the “people at work” painting on this month’s blog.

    We send our love to you and Paula. It would be nice to see the two of you before too long.

    Sandy and Arnold

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