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When I started writing this blog it became a list of complaints about our current situation. Paula read it and said, “nobody wants to hear you kvetching”. So I listened to my wise wife, as I always do, and decided to leave it out. But, just in case you’re interested in my kvetch, I still have it on the computer and will gladly send it to you. All you have to do is ask.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to paint. The group show in Shoreditch, that’s in the old East End of London for those of you who are not familiar with the city, was quite successful for me. Apart from selling some work, being in Shoreditch meant I could buy wonderful bagels and rye bread from the Brick Lane Bagel Bakery that was just a five-minute walk away. 

Now I’m concentrating on the next big event, which is a one-man exhibition on Portobello Road at the J/M Gallery 230 Portobello Road. It will last one week, from Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th September 2022. Write it in your new diary now. 

The private view, opening party will be on Thursday 15th September 2022. I’ll be reminding you again, probably more than once. 

This exhibition I’m calling INNER COLOURS. You’ll discover why when you see the paintings.

Just as an appetiser I’m including with this blog one of the paintings that might be hanging on the wall of the gallery next September. 

Andrew Aarons 54 New Return

New Return 54

I wish you a joy filled Christmas and a happy and very healthy New Year.

And as usual I invite you to get in touch and visit me in my studio in the new year.

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  • patrick

    Andrew, wonderful work, artist and craftsman.

    I am so pleased to have purchased another of your recent works and I look forward to your Inner Colours exhibition in September 2022. I know you are working hard on the paintings for that event.


  • Irene Runayker

    Your blog is most interesting and well designed.

  • Irene Roz Chalk

    Had another look at New Return and examined the layering of space.
    It is an intriguing work where colours ‘jigsaw ‘ into forms.
    And rather reminded me of late works of Braque.
    Great stuff.

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