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I’m writing this on the 8th of July, that is the day before having the surgery to remove the cancer in my colon along with a bit of the colon as well.

Paula will contact Iain, my web master, to let him know that this message should be sent out as, by then, she would have received word that I was in the recovery room after the surgery. Or, better still, back on the ward and wide awake. That, at least, is the plan. With any luck all will go to plan.

I do want to thank all of you, friends, family, past students, colleagues who have sent very kind messages by email and actual cards and letters wishing me well. So many that it is almost overwhelming and I ask your indulgence for using this blog as a method of responding. I really had no idea so many of you read my blog. Please keep reading and responding even when I’m back to full health.

Just for the fun of it I’m going to include a self-portrait that I did when I was 17. Caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. That is 59 years ago!

This is how I looked once.


Andrew at 17

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  • Avra Cohn

    Wishing you an easy and complete recovery! xx

  • Claudia Bathgate

    Dear Paula and Andrew,
    I hope the surgery went well, and that you make a good recovery. Take it easy and do what the doctor says and hopefully you will come through it good as new. Ronald has been through the same and after a slow recovery, he has had no colon problems ever since.
    Phone us on 0207 738 5208 if you want to talk.
    We wish you both strength.
    Claudia and Ronald

  • Nigel East

    Good to hear from you Andrew, and to see you at 17 – a hint of a scowl but hopefully not due to your time at New Park Road Primary. Was it Camberwell to blame? Be a good patient, and a patient one. We look forward to seeing you back again – blogging and painting and teaching. Oh and putting the world to rights – it needs it.

  • Bonnie

    You still look like a pretty good looking dude to us!!!

  • Sue Faulknall

    Brilliant picture. Hope all went well with the operation and my fingers are crossed that you will have a speedy and pain free recovery. Make sure you make the most of your rest!

  • Blair Drawson

    Andrew, all best wishes for your speedy recovery, old friend. Love to you and Paula. Think of all the great works you have left to do!


  • Pearl Godfrey

    All my love and best wishes for your speedy recovery. I hope we will see each other soon, maybe in Fla.

  • Allan Laakkonen

    Hello Andrew and Paula: Time and circumstance as separated us for like these many years and now we again have a link with each other. The surgery is over and you are now along the path to full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with and your family for a full recovery and many more happy and creative years. Allan

  • Naomi & George

    Dear Andrew,
    Great self portrait!! We’re sure not much has changed!!
    Get well soon. May you live for 120 years.
    Lots of love
    Naomi and George

  • Domenic Iozzo

    Hi Uncle!

    I hope this finds you recovering well, and reasonably comfortable!
    My thoughts are with you!


  • Bob & Chris

    Dear Andrew, we send you all our very best wishes and love for a speedy recovery so that you can get back working on your art again!! Will speak with Paula soon to see when we may visit. Lots of love, Bob XXX & Chris XXX

  • Barbie

    You are in my prayers, l know you will be fine and I hope to see you and Paula soon. Love, Barbie, Rachel and Matt.

  • Amanda Reed

    Hi Andrew
    What a beautiful young man you were at 17 Andrew! I hope your surgery went well, and you are sitting up and smiling this morning (Saturday 11th) Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Lots of love to you both!
    A. XX

  • stuart westerby

    Dear andrew,hope the operation went wishing you a speedy recovery.I love reading your blog,look forward to them.your self portrait at 17 is amazing.hey you look like james dean.please take care ,all the very best wishes from stuart.

  • Harry (of Harry and Tessa)

    Handsome youth! Hope the operation went successfully and that you are now recovering well. All xthe very best.

  • Sally Hirst

    Dearest Andrew,

    I read and enjoy your blog…..past student from APU. Wish you well with your recovery. I wish I had known the 17year old you….gorgeous!
    Cheers Sally

  • sheldon

    I just received the blog.
    I hope it means that you are getting better.
    You are in our thoughts.
    I will call Paula shortly.
    In the meantime we look forward to seeing you getting better.

  • Trisha McCrae

    Great self portrait….you must do another one now!
    Glad it went well. Thinking of you.

  • Laurie

    Hi Andrew, hope all went well. Send us some more news ASAP regarding your progress.
    Love, hugs & get well wishes from the Wisefield’s

  • runayker

    Crikey…good looking or what!
    I remember you well but only with your clothes on.
    Trust the op went well.
    Love Irene

  • Jennifer Page

    Hope the operation went well and that you have a good recovery. If Paula needs anything – car lift, shopping, company etc. I am only in Lansdowne Road. Do ring. 07753749118. Thinking of both . Jenny xx

  • Paul Sierra

    Hope best of luck for you. Nice drawing.

  • jane

    thinking of you andrew lots of love jane

  • Eva Dios

    Very sad to hear about your illness, you must be having a tough time. Do keep improving, and keep working… always enjoy seeing your pictures in progress…
    I do wish you well, and a speedy, and full recovery. With very best wishes, Eva

  • helaine blumenfeld

    Andrew: we would like to join your many friends and fans in hoping that you will have a complete and rapid recovery. We will be watching for the next blog! Meanwhile we send you our love!

    helaine and yorick

  • Barbara

    Glad to hear you are through the op, and what a cracker you were at 17! We will toast you at table tennis tomorrow evening, and look forward to seeing you back with us.

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