Andrew’s 2022 Exhibition “INNER COLOURS”

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This blog post is different from any that I have sent before. That’s because this exhibition is different. 

Why have an exhibition? The obvious reason is to sell my paintings to people who would like to own one. It gives me enormous pleasure to know that you enjoy something unique that I’ve made. Not only that but want it enough to spend your hard earned money on, it in order to call it your own. 

Another reason is that when I spend time deciding how to hang my work, how high each piece should sit on the wall, which one should be beside another, how far apart they should be from each other, all of the thinking that goes into curating the show, including the framing, helps me to know where I’ve been and where I should be going next. 

It isn’t until the paintings are unwrapped and sitting on the floor, leaning against the gallery walls, that I can start to make decisions. Just like the act of making the individual pieces, the hanging of the exhibition is a creative process and often surprises me. 

This post is an invitation to come and look at the paintings with an open mind and with open eyes! Try not to compare what you see to anything you’ve seen before. Making each painting was a new experience for me and I want it to be a new experience for you when you look at them. 


Below are the details of the special opening day. Could I please ask that you to let me know if you’re able to come so that we can be sure to have sufficient refreshments for everyone. 

Exhibition details:

  • The opening day: Thursday 15th September 2022, noon to 8pm.
  • From Friday 16th to Monday 19th September 2022, noon to 6pm
  • On Tuesday 20th, noon to 5pm.
  • Address: The J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LJ

Below, you will find the poster of the exhibition which shows the painting Inner Colours No.18. 

Very best wishes to you and I hope to see you on 15th September.

Andrew Aarons Inner Colours 2022

Poster generously designed by Karli Ragan

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  • Lorna and Joey Leibovici

    Dear Andrew we wish you enormous success in your upcoming Art exhibit. We truly wish we could be there to enjoy and appreciate your work. We’re proud to own several of your paintings and each one is special to us. Sending you wishes for continuous Success – Happiness and Many “red dots!”. Lorna and Joey

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