Andrew’s Spring 2019 Exhibition “Buy Before I Die”

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This is my warm invitation to you, your friends and family to come to an exhibition of my paintings in celebration of my eightieth birthday.

To be exact, the exhibition will be at the Menier Gallery on Southwark Street, London, and will be opening on 13th March.

All the details are included on the below poster.

If you are curious about what sort of paintings an octogenarian artist is making, I have added a short description that follows the poster.

You will make me especially happy if you let me know that you’re coming by sending me a message via the form on the contact page of my website.

I very much look forward to seeing you at the show.

With my best wishes,

Andrew Aarons Exhibition Buy Before I Die - March 2019

Description for curious

The paintings in this show are not images of anything that you might have experienced. My intention is that you should recognise something that seems familiar and is, at the same time unknown.

These paintings are images of the mind. I approach each piece as if it is the first and will be the last.

Images of the mind are impossible to tie down. They change the moment I begin to make marks on the painting surface. The marks themselves will suggest something more, and the chase begins.

The numbers on the paintings do not indicate the order in which the works were made. They serve as designations only. I use numbers in place of titles to persuade you not to search for a subject. There is no subject, hence no title.

Working on smaller pieces while also working on larger canvases had its advantages and drawbacks. The large surface allows for grand satisfying gestures of colour. The smaller works demand a less hurried approach. In fact, the small pieces sometimes take much more time than large paintings.

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  • irene runayker

    love the look of these latest!! cant wait to ssee them in the flesh
    all best irene

    • Andrew

      Looking forward to seeing you Irene

  • Clare Perryman (nee Hobbs)

    John-Luke (now 2) are coming down from Coventry today on my day off to see it. How long we’re there depends on John-Luke.

    • Andrew

      Lovely seeing you Clare

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