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Collaborating with Kathryn Williams at the Royal Northern College of Music was an exciting and satisfying experience. She is a very gifted flautist and the college is an excellent place to work. It’s a vibrant and positive place. I’m pleased with the images I made and I do think that they added to her IAD recital.

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 Kathryn playing


The college has invited me back in March for a solo show of some of my images related to music. I will include those that I made for the recital as well as other paintings and prints. I’m also putting in some of my Depeche pieces.

The show is a short one. It opens on Thursday 19th March and closes on Sunday 22nd. The Sunday will include a live performance of a Guitar ensemble.

Manchester is a lovely city and the Royal Northern is well worth a visit, so do try to come up. Let me know if you’re going to be there by emailing me alaarons@gmail.com

I went to a disappointing exhibition at the Royal Academy. Here is yet another instance of, what might have been, an interesting exhibition being spoiled by poor curatorial thinking. Rubens and His Legacy. There are a few good drawings by Rubens and a beautiful etching/drypoint by Rembrandt, even an excellent de Kooning; but to try to persuade us that, any artist who painted a nude, was influenced by Rubens is taking the argument to a ludicrous extreme. His paintings have never moved me. That is probably because his factory of students and apprentices did most of them. He spent the majority of his time as an ambassador and spy.

The exhibition appears cobbled together. It makes me think that it was created out of lots of “stuff” in order to try to compete with the recent blockbusters which were so popular at the National Gallery, Tate Britain and the V&A.

I will be going to the upcoming Impressionist show at the National Gallery and will let you know in my next blog what I think of it.

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