Prof. Barry Fantoni Feb 2008

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Andrew Aarons belongs to that rare breed of painters who is effected deeply by the visual world around him while at the same time he has the glorious ability to translate his thoughts and feelings directly into his life enhancing work.

A student at Camberwell Art School during its Golden Period, Andrew Aarons was introduced to a wide range of techniques and the most efficient way to use them. His influences are many, yet his style remains unique.

Andrew Aarons is in many ways the complete artist. He can paint. He can etch. He can draw. And he can do them all with the confidence and clarity that comes from a profound understanding of light, the essence of art, and feeling, the essence of human behaviour.

To look at an Andrew Aarons work of art is frequently to see an unexpected aspect of your own existence, one represented by what the French painter, Maurice Denis memorably described as, ‘nothing more than colours arranged on a flat surface’.

It is how these colours are arranged that separates those who can and those who can not paint. Andrew Aarons most decidedly falls into the former.

Prof. Barry Fantoni Feb 2008

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