• Medium: Graphite on 300 gms acid free paper
  • Size: 38 X 56 cm
  • Date: 29 October, 2012
  • Frame: included
  • Shipping container: box



The view is from the steps of the Victoria and Albert Museum on a rainy summers day with the ubiquitous London Black Cab.

The process I used was, in effect, drawing in reverse.

I first cover a high quality paper with three or four layers of very dense graphite. I then begin erasing, gradually removing the graphite and work my way back to the white of the paper. The paper has to be good in order to resist the constant rubbing out.

I can’t make many of these because the process creates a lot of graphite dust and I am wary of breathing too much of it. I used this same technique for the drawing Rouen Cathedral in the Rain and the drawings of the Dales Landscapes. They are all on this website.

Andrew Aarons Italian SunlightMathematical Bridge