East Sussex


  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Size: 16″ x 22″ (38 x 56 cm)
  • Date: 4 January, 2014


The landscape here was secondary to the paint surface and the colour. I approached it as a non-objective work without concern for realism. After all, I am a modernist and my first concern is the flat rectangle that I’m covering with marks and colours, and not with the subject. The jumping off point is the landscape, but the landing point must be the painting.

The frame doesn’t exist in reality. It is a painted illusion.The outer edge of the painting is a series of coloured marks reminiscent of the Australian Aboriginal landscapes. The complimentary red and green are based on Albert Munsell’s colour harmony theory. And the blue/purple sky is a continuation of the same textures as the landscape but in different colours. So not just the frame, but the entire painting is an illusion that might remind you of ‘landscape’, or not.

Little Girl Blue near Devil’s Dykelegacy