Andrew’s Blog #1 January 2014

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Dear Friends

The explainers want us to believe that only through them can we understand art. They have created a belief that only through words can we see art. Only what they say matters. Unfortunately even the artists are falling for this confidence trick. But in reality art can be seen without words.

We don’t need a guide to discover that art is a worthwhile and exciting experience. Good art makes you want to stay for a while. Good art encourages recognition and sustains recognition. If the recognition can’t be sustained it probably isn’t good. If we are bored it’s because the work is shallow. If there’s a guard (curator’s notes on the wall, an audio guide, or someone) who has to explain what it’s about, it probably isn’t good.

We should be allowed to make our discoveries. And, we should be able to come away from the experience with something new and personal, not the pre-digested story of the wordsmiths.

Good art doesn’t need words. In fact a good piece of art is very difficult and perhaps impossible to explain.  So the explainers take the easy option and promote the mediocre and the downright bad. They sell it to us as good and tell us that we’re not clever enough to see it.

With all best wishes,


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