Almost Black and White number 9


  • Medium: Oil on paper (300gm Fabriano Artistico)
  • Size: 56 x 65 cm
  • Date: 16 July, 2018
  • Frame: yes
  • Shipping container: box



Images of the mind are impossible to tie down. They change the moment I begin to make marks on the painting surface. The marks themselves begin suggesting something else. The numbers (as titles) do not indicate the order in which the works were made. They serve as designations only. I believe that the use of numbers in place of titles should prevent the viewer searching for a subject.

As an art student, many years ago, I was warned not to be seduced by the paint. Hence I try to use it honestly to achieve what I want rather than simply allowing the appearance of the surface to blind me to the meaning. (The idea of meaning in this context would take volumes to explain) Here I have kept to the minimum of colours and surface marks to come close to what I required. Even so, it took many trials to pare it down to this.

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