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Has Spring Sprung?

My website can now be accessed on any system: iPhone, iPad etc. Please visit the site www.andrewaaronsart.com and have a look at the biography page. There you can watch me making a Depeche painting during the workshop Barry Fantoni and I did at the Hand in Hand pub on Wimbledon Common. It was very successful. There are also some new paintings on the website.

The new English Landscapes of East Sussex are developing into something I didn’t expect. That makes it quite exciting for me. They are taking up most of my thinking and painting time so that the other new projects are more or less on hold until I’ve fully understood where I’m going. The only other works I’m doing are the Depeche paintings. Perhaps you would like to look at the latest of the East Sussex landscapes and tell me what you think. I really would value anything you have to say. This is quite large compared with most of the paintings I’ve been doing recently.

Picnic on the Grass. Oil on Linen 48 X 39 inches(Homage to Manet)
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