Steeple Chase


  • Medium: Etching Aquatint
  • Size: 22.5 X 27.5 cm
  • Date: 31 October, 2012
  • Frame: included
  • Shipping container: box



An imaginary image placing you right infrot of the horses as they jump the fence in the steeple chase. This is a combination of two techniques for making the image on the metal plate. The basic one is etching. `Here the plate is protected from the acid by wax and then some wax is removed to allow the acid to bite into the plate. It is the bitten areas that retain the ink which is spread onto the plate and then the plate deposits the ink on the paper when the two are rolled through the press. For aquatint the plate is protected by resin which is deposited on the plate and then areas of the resin are removed to allow the acid to bite. The printing process is the same for all intaglio techniques.

See the video of me pulling (printing) a mezzotint plate by watching the short video called Jam Session on my website biography.

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