Europa and the Bull 3


  • Medium: Oil and ink
  • Size: 25.5 x 32cm
  • Date: 18 June, 2018
  • Frame: no
  • Shipping container: tube



This is another of my Depechist pieces done after a morning of intense painting. I used a slightly larger piece of paper, because it was handy, and thus gave myself 12.5 minutes. I can’t say exactly why the Europa and the Bull theme raised its head again this time. It could have been that I was looking at Picasso’s work a few weeks before. If you’re curious about Depechism please click on the link here to make you to my Biography on the website and scroll to Depechist Manifesto. If you want to know even more them send me a message through the website.

Manet’s Fifer at Pevensey Castle by Andrew Aaronslife drawing