Almost Black and White number 12


  • Medium: Oil on linen support
  • Size: 53 x 38 cm
  • Date: 16 July, 2018
  • Frame: yes
  • Shipping container: box/li>



Images of the mind are impossible to tie down. They change the moment I begin to make marks on the painting surface. The marks themselves begin suggesting something else. The numbers (as titles) do not indicate the order in which the works were made. They serve as designations only. I believe that the use of numbers in place of titles should prevent the viewer searching for a subject.

The journey with a painting of this nature is difficult to describe. I begin with an image in mind. Sometimes a strong image sometimes only a vague image. As I begin putting the colour on the canvas the image melts and reforms. It makes no difference if the image was strong or vague to begin with. The journey of scraping off or layering colours or changing and moving shapes within the rectangle, sometimes takes me back close to the original thought. At other times, during the journey, an image which is entirely unexpected asserts itself and demands to be left alone. I ask myself then, “Who is in charge?”

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