The manifesto for Depechism was written by Barry Fantoni in Calais in 2012. He and I are the only two practicing Depechists. The principal is haste. To finish a work as quickly as possible. Depechists must set a time limit on their work. A large canvas will take longer than a small drawing. The number of inches of the longest edge of the work is to be translated into minutes. This will be the time limit. Six inches = six minutes. And so on. After a day of slow deliberate painting or drawing, the act of making something quickly and freely can be liberating. I use only the colours left on my pallet at the end of the day. Then, after measuring the paper, I set the timer and begin working from memories of things past. I stop when the timer tells me, no matter what stage the work has reached. You can read the full manifesto if you search for it in the biography on this website.

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