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The exhibition at the Norman Plastow Gallery, in Wimbledon Village went brilliantly. Much better than I had expected. It looked good; I had lots of visitors and sold work. What more can one ask?

I don’t want to spend much time boring you by talking about my health but, suffice it to say, I have taken myself off the chemo and I’m feeling much improved. My oncologist knows all about it and has accepted my decision with grace. She will monitor me from time to time and I’ll have to be scanned every six months for five years. As a result I’m feeling more like my old self. I’m painting again and preparing for the big show in Sydney in August 2016. I seem to have lots of energy and I am already on the second large piece: “Wrestling with an Angel”.

The problem in England at this time of year is that the light goes so quickly in the afternoon. The clocks have just gone back an hour which means it will be dark by four o’clock in the afternoon. I hate getting up early and I don’t like to work in artificial light. That means working very fast while the natural light lasts, Depeche style.

Here’s the first piece I’ve finished (or possibly finished?) since coming off the chemo. It is 39 X 30 inches. I call it Searching. Should I consider other possible titles. Any ideas?



It has been suggested (not by the oncologist) that I should take Lipoic Acid as a supplement since I’m off the chemo. Have you, or anyone you know had any experience of Lipoic Acid?

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  • Nigel East

    No knowledge of Lipoic Acid but do like Searching. Maybe listen to Thelonious Monk and consider Epiphany or even Epistrophy… Enigmatic or what?

    • Andrew

      Very enigmatic!

  • Jonathan & joan

    Glad to hear you are you sounding so positive. We are both
    well and enjoying Cambridge. Love Joan and Jonathan

  • Sally Hirst

    Good idea declining the chemo, a pal of mine had op but declined the offer of chemo, the stats showed small a very percentage diff in his cancer returning and he knew he would ‘lose’ a year on chemo. Quality of life and creativity are what matters!
    Oh and great work Andrew. Love the shapes……

    • Andrew

      Thanks Sally.

  • David Daniel

    Sorry we couldn’t get up to the exhibition in the village, but glad it went well. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself and are painting again and hope the prep for the Sydney show goes well – sounds exciting!

  • trisha mccrae

    I am glad that you are feeling well. I love the colour palate in Searching and the guardian angel watching. Stick with that name.

  • Marcia Miller

    Terriffic to hear you so upbeat Andrew. I had news last night of another friend who is iin the middle of chemo and I felt as if I wanted to send your blog to him.
    Decided against however.
    Look forward to seeing your work for 2016.


  • Sandy Segal

    So glad to hear that your exhibition went well. We were very sorry to miss it. It would be lovely to see you and Paula now that we are back from the States. Let us know when you are able to see us. In the meantime we send our love to you and Paula. Arnold and Sandy

  • runayker

    hi Andrew
    glad to hear you are up and running once more. good news about your exhibition and all the best for
    Sydney. send details and I will pass them on to david and sophie as I am sure they wouold like to catch up.
    will have thoughts on title for your post-chemo piece
    all my best, as always

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